How does a radio advertising strategy fit your marketing plan?

27 Oct

One of the great strengths of radio advertising is that it communicates on a more cerebral and less blatant level. One of the downsides of that is that people don’t always realise they are consuming product as a reaction to a radio commercial or series of radio commercials.

That’s why radio advertising is still the only media that sometimes tell customers that their best advertising strategy might be to STOP RADIO ADVERTISING.

At Radio Experts, we call it the ‘turn on then turn off’ technique. It’s simple and it gives you the best insight you can get on how your radio advertising and radio production can work for you.

It works in this simple way.

Because the true strength of radio advertising often shows up as increased response to other marketing (like your online dynamics, television advertising, yellow pages directories, press commercials etc) – so if you turn your radio advertising off, you see how much the response drops away from your website spikes, tv advertising, press ads etc.

In this competitive media economy, radio advertising can take you the extra mile to true profit making ROI. It’s just that sometimes you have to switch off to switch on.


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