The King and Master of Broadcast Audio

25 Jan

Happy monday morning!
As more and more people are now listening to both DAB Radio and FM Radio, a device where you can seamlessly switch between the two is long overdue.
So I was pleased to see the news that Digital Radio UK are working with the major players in the industry such as Sony, Roberts, Frontier Silicon and more to ensure the smooth operation of devices that can link up in this way.

But is this integration enough though?

What about online Radio, Radio On Demand and the wider issues of delivering audio into our personal space? With people “browsing / tuning” into Spotify, We7, Deezer, and using their own personal media players on the move and in their cars – surely a device which can successfully encompass all of these platforms will be the King and Master of Broadcast Audio.

Over the coming months many advancements in technology will help shape the future for the personal media device, this month alone we’ve seen some exciting previews of Google’s Nexus 1 phone and rumoured release of the Apple ‘iSlate’ (said to be announced on the 27th of January at their press conference).

The market is moving, the technology is moving and the way we can reach listeners with persuasive audio is moving. Which is why your Radio Experts are on hand to guide you through these exciting times.
Keep up to date with us at this blog and if you have any questions just contact us, the details are below. Or click here to join our Radio On Demand mailing list!

Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio agency.


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