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Standoutability – The Radio Advertising Script

10 Mar

A client asked me to write some radio advertising scripts yesterday and his simple instruction was “just make them annoying”‘. Wow! I can do annoying radio scripts of course – but is that the right way to go with radio advertising?

Is there a point where a brand suffers because its cut through is so sharp, it begins to annoy people?

Speaking to somebody on the train this morning (always research your market but that’s another blog!) he said he would never visit the Go Compare website because he found the ad too annoying. So it was top of the listener’s mind but bottom of the listener’s intentions.

The reality is that there is just no reason why requests like ‘just make it annoying’ should be made with radio advertising scripts.  In my experience, you can make ads that cut through and deliver distinctiveness without having to make them annoying.

Clever use of attention grabbing sound effects, headlines, phrases, characters or stories are all tools that can be used for likeability as well as standoutability.

We recently created a campaign for an Estate Agency which fused distinctiveness with charm, likeability with fun. We achieved BIG STAND OUT but I  bet nobody is ‘annoyed’ by it (apart from the competition perhaps).

Because We Know Radio, we know how to make radio work. If you’d like to hear some more campaigns that deliver the ‘stand out’ without the ‘leave it out’, get in touch with us at Radio Experts, we love to talk about radio advertising!

Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio agency.