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Radio Marketing – your killer turnkey marketing solution

27 Oct

So you’ve got all you’re ducks in a row, thinking outside their box, trying to come up with a win-win situation to clarify the bigger picture? !

No, well why not? Okay so marketing is not the jargon led minefield that it once was, but it is still hard to successfully hit the perfect target market for your product. With so many platforms consumers have access to on a daily basis where do you start?! Banner advertising, a press promotion, television adverts, guerrilla marketing at a bus stop…….Egg Advertising on an Omelette Panel……..ok, I made that one up…….but where do you stop?

The answer is, you stop at Radio advertising. Radio has a proven track record marketing products and greatly increasing awareness of a brand. Not only that, radio marketing can greatly increase the effectiveness of all of your other marketing. Think simply of your customers browsing the internet, when the radio in the corner mentions your site name and your offering. Result – they click. Radio offers a potent mix and delivers powerful results – especially for online click through.

To talk to us about the power of  marketing on radio, placing banner ads on radio station websites or using a service we’re really excited about ‘Radio Experts On Demand’ (with platforms like Spotify). Just get in touch.

Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio advertising agency.