Breaking the radio promotion boundary

16 Feb

Hats (and pants) off to BRMB, Orion’s flagship radio station for Birmingham, who’ve gone one step further than their famous promotion last held in 2006 when they ran a competition to choose two strangers prepared to get married to each other.

This time the love-matching BRMB team have returned to the basic idea of strangers getting married – only this time it will be a naked wedding. Youch, I wouldn’t want to see the photos of the dancing.

Bit in this age of ever-decreasing localness and radio stations that trophy celebrity over on-air creativity, I take my hat, pants, socks, vest and cravat off to BRMB. Good radio breaks boundaries and great radio creates memories that last for a lifetime.

So well done BRMB, I hope they’re naked wedding promotion is a massive success. And quite frankly, its something I’d rather listen to than watch!

Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio advertising agency.


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