Car drivers get ‘appier with radio…

22 Mar

So apps in cars are not anything new, ever since the release of the iphone and the in-car handsfree kit, it has been clear that the car dashboard is crying out for a set of car related apps. This year sees the US launch of the first car with internet connected apps as standard. OK so it’ll be a while until we can all afford a Lexus GS Sport Saloon, but these innovations will eventually filter down into all cars.

What’s important about this car is that it has access to Pandora Radio direct from the car’s dashboard (something which could have been done since 2010 with a good Pioneer stereo and an iPhone but never directly from the car’s entertainment system).

Radio On Demand listening and the idea that audio doesn’t have to come from a traditional radio broadcast is increasingly changing the way in which people listen to radio/broadcast audio/podcasts/music/talkshows. But the important thing is they’re still listening…

Plus with the power of internet connected devices and web signup (required for services such as Pandora/Spotify/Absolute In Stream, We7 etc) there’s audience data galore. And audience data means lots of juicy pinpoint targeting opportunities for advertisers. So….yes…..that means if a certain astrologically named chocolate bar brand (starts with m and rhymes with cars), wants to target men aged 20-40 who are driving in their white vans listening to their favourite Shanks and Bigfoot track.……we can connect the advertiser to the vehicle to the driver and everybody gets their sweet as chocolate moment.

The Radio Experts’ On Demand service is here to guide you through the maze of an exciting and changing audio advertising marketplace. you can follow us on twitter @ukradioexperts to find out more, or drop us an email even call on 0207 841 8744.

Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio advertising agency. @timcradioexpert



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