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We love you England we do…

21 Jun

Its a fact that when England start doing well in a football tournament the media marketplace starts getting busier. And with England’s cautious success at Euro 2012 we’re seeing the same effect surging through the availability of airtime around the radio network.

And of course this summer there’s not just Euro 2012, but we’ve also had the jubilee, and there’s a little sporting event going on in July and August apparently too.

Radio Inventories in England are drying up, as well as significant pressure elsewhere. Space is at a premium throughout the networks but most positively of all, radio’s creativity is shining through.

The immediacy, mobility and overwhelmingly ‘now’ nature of radio is perfectly suited to a fast moving summer of big news, big sport, big transport issues and big expectations. There’s so much to talk about and that means our advertisers have so many people to talk to.

We’ve had whole day takeovers, outlandish competitions, phenomenal prize give-aways and a host of show sponsorships and cunning ideas. Radio’s creativity is unbridled as we reach a fever pitch of content and news.

Radio’s remarkable staying power is fast turning into more than staying power. Radio has a new found relevance that’s less about history and more about being a stakeholder for the future of ad messaging.

At Radio Experts we thrive, writhe, giggle, tease, live, love and adore Radio advertising. So whether you’re listening to an England game, tuning in for the Greco Roman wrestling or checking up on the travel news…..get in touch with us to find out what the radio market’s doing and how it can polevault your brand browsing to a whole new level.

We love you England (and Radio of course) we do.

Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio advertising agency. @timcradioexpert


God Save the Queen – for a bumper May advertising spend…

8 Jun

With the Jubilee weekend still ringing in our ears, especially the terrible singing of certain performers (sorry Cheryl) reports are showing that the Jubilee celebrations and the start of Euro 2012 are fuelling some very promising lifts in radio spend.

Unsurprisingly advertisers are all vying for their place in the London marketplace this summer and with industry estimating that May was 2012’s strongest month to date for radio advertising spend it all looks very promising indeed. Talksport‘s and Absolute’s firm grasp of the Euro 2012 and Olympic piece being examples of just how well radio is fighting fit for the sporting summer ahead.

For television advertising however this may not be such good news, with the Olympics allegedly ‘scaring off’ TV advertisers due to the perceived impact of the Olympics broadcasting (on BBC).

Radio’s innate ability and character to be mobile / flexible / fast moving and reactive all dovetail neatly with what advertisers seem to want this summer. Long live the Queen, the goalies, the athletes and a great summer for radio advertising.

For an up to date picture of where the radio airtime availability is good / bad and somewhere more complicated – plus a list of exciting sponsorship and promotional opportunities for the months ahead, pls just get in touch.

Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio advertising agency. @timcradioexpert

Call Me Maybe, Lib Dubs – The Jubilee – Radio and YouTube

1 Jun

So the long diamond jubilee weekend is looming and what better to do than watch the… latest hit youtube lib-dubs of Carly Rae Jepsen’s – Call me Maybe. With the official music video of the song having over 83million views clearly a viral hit.

Or how about Romney and Obama doing the same

Yes music videos are so ahsum and youtube is definitely the 2010ie’s mtv of the 90’s. Showing that a catchy song with an exciting video that people can join in with is hugely popular and something that people want to talk about.

Now what on earth does this have to do with radio? Well according to a new YouGov survey, 33% of participants cited radio as being their medium of choice for discovering new music, with youtube coming in at 26%. This is surely down to the strong bond that radio has with its listeners creating a trustworthy voice that they want to listen to and take advice from. Radio’s programmed nature brings music to listener’s attention and we listen because we know we will be taken forward in our tastes.

YouGov SixthSense research director James McCoy is quoted saying: “In this internet age, it’s interesting that radio still plays such an important role in discovering new music. Of course the internet has made it possible to listen to more radio stations on more devices than ever before.”

Radio is stronger than ever and by using it cleverly can hugely turbo charge an online campaign or cross media advertising campaign by really talking to the listener. For more information on how radio advertising can work for you, or if you just fancy a Call me Maybe sing off wearing Diamond Jubilee masks then give us a call or email….

Happy Diamond Jubilee!!

Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio advertising agency. @timcradioexpert