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Movember’s Over but Radio’s always on Trend

30 Nov

As the handlebar moustaches, the Frank Zappas, the Philleas Foggs and Babyfaced Assassins all curl up their Movember moustachios, we can only marvel at the way that social activism is becoming so trend and viral driven. Pop a #hashtag on anything (or anyone) and you can pretty much #makeithappen. It’s a great example of social activism and connective convergent community behaviour because community means something very different in the technologically connected Global Village (Marshall Mcluhan not Leicester Square).

All of this reminds us of one of radio’s greatest strengths………(naturally)

Because Radio is the original, the heritage, the greatest of all interactive community media experiences. Radio is unlike TV where people watch a show on this channel then a show on that channel – with radio they listen to a station around the clock and they join a community of listeners, enjoying a shared yet personal experience. That’s why radio is great for brands, great for charities, great for staying on trend and great for the emotional sell.

(RAB emotional multiplier)

Radio engages community, even if community itself is changing.


Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio advertising agency. @timcradioexpert


Christmas advertising – why music matters…

28 Nov

Yesterday saw the release of the new McDonald’s Christmas TV campaign. It joins the roster of big brand ads currently circulating as we edge closer to the festive period.

This year, more than ever, these ads play on our nostalgic and emotional connection with Christmas – using sounds and visuals deeply ingrained in our memories of this time of year.

Take the current John Lewis creative which puts a love story between two snow people to a target-market-touching reboot of a 1984 Christmas number one by Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

Meanwhile Coca Cola, who have had more of a hand in how Christmas is branded than most, roll out their latest specially composed “Something in the Air” ident.

Or how about Tesco’s take on Christmas, subverting the norm by using popular non-Christmas songs alongside Christmas branding?

The one thing all these emotive ads have in common is great music. They tempt us into loving, believing and mostly importantly investing in their brands by coupling festive scenes with powerful well chosen audio.

It goes without saying that Christmas is a hugely important time for advertisers. But the importance of music in Christmas advertising is something that we at Radio Experts feel can’t be talked about enough. Just as radio is termed “an emotional multiplier” the right music in a radio campaign can multiply its listeners’ emotional response.

If you’re looking for a famous track to tap into the right feelings about your product or service, Radio Experts can source it for you. We’re fully conversant with dealing with the intricacies of the licensing process so you don’t have to be.

Music has incredible power to create emotions at a time of year when emotions can run high. And the rewards for getting it right – both financial and in terms of brand perception – are great.

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Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio advertising agency. @timcradioexpert

Are you going JingleMad in November…?

26 Nov

Last week saw the release of a new online radio station. But unlike other stations on the net this plays only radio jingles 247. What a concept?!! Just wall to wall famous advertising jingles and station stings…..

Listen here

What the station does do though is to remind us of the great quality of music within marketing to charm, match up to emotions, import happiness and deliver memorability that lasts for days weeks, months and years. In fact, this promotional ad for Thinkbox rather brilliantly, if unintentionally, illustrated radio’s core strength of audio branding and how great jingles sit in the emotional memory for ever more.

Thanks Thinbox………

In a nutshell, where consumers are more content loyal and platform agnostic – radio bucks the trend. Radio is contemporary content, musical curator, social platform and loyal friend all rolled into one. Not surprising then that the radio jingle can become and emotive part of a listeners experience and relationship with their radio station.

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Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio advertising agency. @timcradioexpert