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Norway says “ja” to Radioplayer

22 Mar

We often think of our friends in the Nordic regions as being forward minded. So it’s great to see one of the UK’s innovations getting their endorsement.

Radio streaming platform Radioplayer has been a great success in the UK, making a massive contribution to the large increases in online listening (RAJAR). Now it has been embraced by the radio market in Norway, so that their stations can benefit from its ease of use and smart design.

The rise of Radioplayer and Tunein radio across the globe shows the changing face of radio and audio consumption. People are happy to listen on whatever platform delivers the audio content they crave.

More easy access to more great radio is always good news for us radio experts. So congratulations to Radioplayer on their success in Norway and a warm welcome to, coming this summer.

Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio advertising agency. @timcradioexpert


Radio is just the job for recruitment advertising

14 Mar

We’ve noticed that the job sector appears to be picking up with more calls than usual from agencies wanting radio plans for recruitment campaigns. So we thought we’d share some interesting research carried out by from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)

In their “Employment Outlook” report published in Summer 2012 they state that at any one time 20% of us are looking for a new job with a different employer.

Many of those active job-seekers are using a range of methods to search for their new role and can be easily targeted. But what about the 80% who aren’t actively looking for new job? How can you reach them?

The answer is simple of course – Radio.

  • Radio is an interruptive medium that’s hard to avoid.
  • Radio is persuasive and can get listeners to consider a new job (even if they’re not actively searching for one).
  • Radio’s creativity can inspire them to respond.

Radio is THE best medium for recruitment.

If you have clients planning a recruitment campaign, brief Radio Experts and we’ll pinpoint a solution to reach the right people and develop some amazing creative ideas to generate a response.

Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio advertising agency. @timcradioexpert

Amazing times for Audio

13 Mar

At least 3.7 billion songs were streamed in 2012 from sites such as Spotify, Deezer and We7.

3.7 billion……..yikes!

The music discovery and music listening marketplace is an absolute ocean of opportunity for us, as audio professionals. And yet, almost inevitably, a question we’re sometimes asked by journalists when this sort of stat comes up is “Will this be the end of radio?”

The simple Janet and John answer is ‘no, radio is in rude health, the stats prove it.’

The long, jargonised, techy and full on answer is ‘Radio is rude health because it now exists in a more micro targeted audio and music loving environment. That means it provides a synthesis between CRM driven personalisation tools and the emotional connection of being spoken to – not advertised at – spoken to. Radio delivers listeners, it delivers listening hours and it delivers an audience of ever more defined and passionate music lovers.’

Big data – micro meanings – audio persuasion – massive numbers – Direct response ROI.

Oh good heavens……if you only knew some of the exciting conversations we’re having here at Radio Experts.

I see 3.7 billion songs streamed in 2012 and I just think………I love being in the radio business…..

Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio advertising agency. @timcradioexpert