Radio’s winners and losers – RAJAR

6 Feb

Who’s jumping for joy and who’s got their head in their hands?

The RAJAR figures for Q4 of 2013 were released today and our Radio Experts have been pouring over the figures to give you a quick top line on the winners and losers of commercial radio.

Here are some of the key headlines:

The radio battle in the nation’s capital continues and the winner is Capital London which still has the highest number of listeners in London. Its breakfast show presented by Dave Berry and Lisa Snowdon retains its spot as London’s most popular breakfast show with 1.2 million listeners.

Capital South Wales achieved 1.3 million total hours in Q4 2013, but in its heyday – predecessor Red Dragon totalled over 3.6 million.

Key 103 in Manchester bounces back from hitting its lowest ever number of weekly listeners in the last RAJAR survey, up 44% to 570,000.

Kiss UK loses minimal listeners but gains 5% in total hours. The nation loves kiss!

Classic FM gains over 300,000 listeners – returning what it lost in the last quarter – now reaching 5.6 million in total.

TalkSport breaks 3.2 million listeners in terms of reach – making strides back towards its previous reach record.

LBC appears to have dropped in reach on both AM and FM but on the flip side has increased its average hours.

This RAJAR is showing that local radio is fighting back as we’re seeing many local stations resurgent against the bigger brand rivals.

All in all, commercial radio is in rude health reaching more and more people up from 34.4 million to 34.9 million listeners, but on average they’re listening for fewer hours.

For more insight on what this quarter’s RAJAR means for brands using radio advertising contact us.

Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio advertising. @timcradioexpert


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