New Heart stations launch 6th May

17 Apr

This week Global Radio announced the exciting news that the Heart brand will launch in Scotland, the North East, North West, South Wales and Yorkshire on Tuesday 6th May at 6am.

This extension of the Heart brand into these new areas is the final part of the process for Global following the acquisition of Real Radio.  For the first time, listeners in these regions will be able to hear presenters including Toby Anstis, Emma Willis, Stephen Mulhern, Emma Bunton, Jenni Falconer and Mark Wright. Once these new stations transition from Real Radio to Heart, Global estimates the Heart brand will reach 9.3 million listeners every week.

With the arrival of Heart into these new regions and with Global investing heavily in a fresh marketing and PR campaign these changes provide great new opportunities for radio advertisers.

If you’d like to find out more about the extension of the Heart brand or anything else about radio advertising and sponsorship please get in touch.

Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio advertising. @timcradioexpert


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